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Hi, I’m Rachel!

“Why did they choose that BORING speaker? I would have been AMAZING up there! I would LOVE to share my message on stage…if only I knew exactly what my message was!”

Literally me.

At every event, I would sit in the back of the room, arms crossed, and fantasize about hip-checking those boring speakers off the stage…so that I could grab the mic!

I felt:

  • envious of speakers who could barely take a pinky toe off stage before getting swarmed with bright-eyed clients, waving their business cards and begging to work with them
  • frustrated that I was losing out on opportunities to position myself as a thought-leader, connect with clients and expand my business
  • bitter that I wasn’t being asked to speak at events
  • scared to call myself an “expert” because I was scared of being caught, humiliated and called a fraud!
  • envious of speakers who commanded the stage with confidence, credibility and charisma
  • embarrassed that I dreamt of inspiring others with my message…even though I didn’t know what my message was!

Feeling Like An Imposter

I was also terrified that if I ever did get on stage, my:

  • mouth would go dry
  • heart would race
  • palms would sweat
  • throat would close up
  • my mind would go blank

…leaving me frozen like a deer in the headlights. In front of an entire audience!

I longed to:

  • create an avalanche of financial abundance by attracting clients who were energetic, excited and eager to work with me
  • consistently book speaking gigs to expand my brand and business
  • discover my authentic voice to speak with confidence, credibility and charisma
  • call myself an expert…and truly feel like one!
  • inspire hundreds – or even thousands – of people with my message

But those dreams felt far away. Unattainable.

Like a child reaching for a cookie jar that’s just out of his grasp.

Worse, I had no idea where to start.

Speaking With Confidence

Becoming a keynote speaker just felt so complicated and frustrating that I kept pushing it off.

Can you relate?

If so, I have a message for you: You absolutely CAN:

  • speak with confidence without feeling like an imposter, even if you’re just getting started speaking at events
  • attract a flood of dream clients who are eager to work with you
  • book speaking gigs in a way that is FUN and EASY
  • show up as your TRUE SELF on stage, even when the pressure’s on
  • empower others to improve themselves, their businesses and their lives

And you can start today.

I discovered a system for speaking with confidence, booking speaking gigs and attracting dream clients. It was like adding rocket fuel to my business and my personal brand.

I wish I’d known these secrets years ago – when I was fighting speaker-envy!

Maximize Your Potential

I wish I could go back and tell myself that:

  • you can speak with confidence, credibility and charisma
  • booking speaking gigs can be fun and easy
  • clients are attracted to leaders who uncover their personal message, share their story and inspire others to action

And that’s why I became a keynote speaking coach. Because – from the bottom of my heart – I truly care. And I truly get it.

I don’t want you to do what I did:

  • avoid being center stage, holding yourself back from getting the credit you deserve
  • sit in the cheap seats of life, watching other speakers steal the show
  • beat yourself up for not having the confidence, drive and courage to put yourself out there

You deserve a helping hand. You deserve tools that work, tools that let you be the real you.

You have a universe of potential inside of you. Potential for joy and freedom. You deserve to feel alive, and it is my passion to help.

Ready to Speak Like A Leader?

In our coaching sessions, I cover how to:

  • speak with confidence without feeling like an imposter, even if you’re just getting started speaking at events
  • book your first speaking gig – and then 10 each month after that!
  • create a strategy that gets you flooded with clients after a speech
  • position yourself as an expert (and feel like one, too!)

I look at my speaking career now and it gives me so much gratitude.

I feel proud of the way I show up on stage.  love sharing my message and personal story. And I love helping others on their journey.

And it is important to me that you know…

Speaking confidently about yourself and your business is totally possible for you.

And you can begin today.

Take your first step in learning how to speak and inspire: Let’s connect.

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